Public Relations

Public Relations

Our public relations services are designed to promote your products and businesses as well as to enable you to effectively connect with your customers and employees.

ColorsAdvert works closely with each client to identify both its key messages and target audiences and how best to reach them. From this initial phase a strategic communication plan is put in place to interlink the overall focus and long-term goals of the project.

Tactical planning is implemented to ensure that the company can begin to engage with the media that each audience uses and trusts the most. Campaign elements may include corporate partnerships, sponsorship marketing, affiliate relations, blogging and other joined-up threads and a synchronicity in profile raising.

A consistent public relations program will help build general awareness of your product, service or brand and will supplement any direct marketing and advertising efforts.  This visibility also tends to make your business appear larger and more established than it may be, which may help you secure partnerships, customers and funding.

Whatever your company needs, ColorsAdvert has the experience advising businesses from start-ups to entrepreneurs, international brands to local businesses, on how best to navigate the new media landscape.